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  • What tools do you use for your paintings ?
    All paintings are painted digitally on an iPad pro using an app called procreate.
  • What are they printed on?
    All digital paintings are printed on premium quality archival paper with pigment inks aka giclèe prints.
  • How long does it take to finish a portrait?
    It usually takes about 2-3 weeks from the time the work commences to when you receive the final print. However this may vary depending on the time of the year, eg. Christmas time or your location. If you'd like the work by a particular date, please contact me and I'll see if it's possible.
  • What sort of photographs should I send for the commission?
    For most commissions, it's importrant to send multiple pictures that are sharp and well lit. It's also worth mentioning what is it that you'd like highlighted. This can be discussed in detail once you send an enquiry. As for pet portraits, it's crucial to send sharp and clear high resolution photos of your beautiful pet. The only insight I have of your pet is the photograph that you send through and since I’ve never met your pet, though I’d love to, its important that the photo captures your pet in all its glory. If you’re unsure which photo works best, email me as many as you'd like and we can work together to see which one flatters your pet the most. Here are some tips.
  • Do you paint animals other than cats and dogs?
    Yes, I can paint any animal.
  • Do you offer a framing service?
    Yes, I do provide a framing service within Melbourne. Contact me and I can give you a quote.
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