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Working from a reference photo, my job as an artist is to create an image that captures the essence, the character and likeness to the subject all the while adding a bit of exaggeration in terms of colour and form.


Once the commission has been conformed, I will send you a mock up sketch to show the composition. All through the process you will be emailed progress images of the painting for you to give your feedback. This is very important as it allows for the painting to be in sync with your idea. 

The price includes endless corrections until you're completely satisfied. This is to ensure that you're happy with the end result. There is however extra cost involved if the brief changes midway. 


The Sketch

I start with a rough sketch based on the reference photo.

Custom house portrait stage 4.jpg

Stage 4

At this stage I try and inject more life into all the elements adding more shadows and highlights. 

Custom house portrait stage 2.jpg

Stage 2

Bold block of colour is applied to lock in the base colour. 

Custom house portrait stage 5.jpg


My job as an artist is to create an image that captures the essence of the subject while 

Custom house portrait stage 3.jpg

Stage 3

It's time to add some details to the blocks of colour.

Bron's house.jpg

Reference photo

usually encourage my clients to send me a few pictures so I can choose the best angle. 

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